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Major clients and end users

Client Project Details
Drainage Services Department Upgrading of deodourization system
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Ozone aquaculture water disinfection
MTR Corporation Ozone odor removal and cooling tower water disinfection
Caritas Medical Centre Ozone system for cooling towers
Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Ozone odor removal
Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Ozone laundry system
Helping Hand Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly Ozone laundry system
Hong Kong Disneyland Ozone odor removal
Lee Kum Kee (HK) Foods Ltd. Ozone disinfection
Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd. Ozone for surface disinfection
International Finance Centre Management Co. Ltd. Ozone odor removal
New World Makati City, Manila Hotel, Philippine Ozone laundry system
Royal Plaza Hotel Ozone odor removal
City One Shatin Ozone swimming pool