About us

> About us

Founded by Prominent International (Environmental) Ltd., the mother company of “PIE Ozonation” is the unique manufacturer of industrial grade ozone equipment in Hong Kong since 2003.

PIE Ozonation has done a lot of jobs for MTR Corporation, IFC Management, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Sino Estates Management, I Square, Sheraton Hotel, Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel, Caritas Hospital, Baptist Hospital, Po Oi Hospital, TWGHs of Home for the Elderly, Lee Kum Kee HK Foods and Vitasoy International etc. We are committed to develop Hong Kong, Overseas and China markets respectively.

Scopes of technology provided by PIE Ozonation

  • Air treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Other disinfection and purification process

Main business

  • Odor removal
  • Food and drugs processing
  • Laundry
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Aquaculture and agriculture
  • Air disinfection and surface disinfection
  • Waste air / water treatment

Products and services

  • Offer the solutions and design proposal
  • Provide ozone machine, the parts and the associated equipment
  • Technical supports and after sale services
  • The testing services of air and water, e.g. microbial testing

Our major clients and end users

We have strong technical and science background in ozone technology and a wide spectrum of client base in Hong Kong. Our clients cover a number of government sectors, developers, NGOs, hotels, elderly homes, drug manufacturers and food processing companies etc. For details, please refer to our job reference.